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Funeral Plans

Taking out guaranteed prepaid funeral plans with Safe-Hands is a practical way to eliminate the financial burden… read more

Payment Calculator

With Safe Hands, you choose the payment option that suits you… read more

No Health Questions

No Age Restrictions

Guaranteed Acceptance Regardless of Medical History

Save Money By Fixing Your Funeral Costs At Todays Prices

Reassurance For Your Loved Ones

Low Monthly Payments Starting from £21.29

Prepaid Funeral Plans

A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to fix the cost of a future funeral at today’s prices. With plans in place, not only is it guaranteed that your funeral will be conducted by a professional, qualified, funeral director, but you also spare your loved ones from having to make many difficult and unpleasant decisions.

What is a prepaid Funeral Plan?

Arrange a Funeral Plan

To avoid a large amount of hassle and grievance, funeral plans can assist you in all of these steps. Prepaid funeral plans has all of the funeral details arranged for when the time comes.

How do I arrange a Funeral Plan?

Funeral Expenses are rising every year,

but you can freeze them at today’s prices.


The number of Funeral Plans sold is on the increase.

Protect your loved ones from the rising costs of Funeral Planning.

Why Choose SafeHands?

As one of the UK’s most-trusted funeral plan providers, it is of paramount importance to us here at SafeHands that our plan-holders’ investments are 100% safe and secure. Set up in conjunction with award winning solicitors, the SafeHands Trust is held by the HSBC bank and is managed by an independent panel of qualified Trustees.


6 Different Plans

To suit all tastes and budgets


Flexible Payment Terms

Including an Interest Free Option


Can be adapted for Cremation or Burial

We can provide you with a Fixed Price

Look No Further with Prices from £2,075. Get Started Today




  • Director’s Fees and Services
  • Lined & Fitted Coffin
  • 24 hour transfer
  • Bereavement assistance
  • Mutual agreement on time of funeral
More Detail


  • Director’s Fees and Services
  • Oak veneer coffin with gloss
  • Two following limousines
  • Bereavement assistance
  • Mutual agreement on time of funeral
More Detail

Latest Blog Posts

Affordable Funeral Plans

Please share...Funeral Plans At Funeral Plan UK we understand that losing a loved one is a traumatic and difficult time. We help minimise the stress to your loved ones by providing funeral plans tailored to your individual needs. You can be confident that the cost of your funeral will be covered, and your plans carried out as requested. Here at Funeral Plan UK we don’t discriminate against under 50’s, nor do we charge a premium on our over 50’s funeral cover. All of our funeral plans are available to anyone over the age of 18, no matter what your medical history or health status. Safe Hands Funeral Plans are one of the UK’s most recognised providers of funeral plans and offer a range of funeral plans that can be tailored to your individual tastes and budget. Affordable Funeral Plans By choosing a Safe Hands Funeral Plan you’ll be protecting your loved ones against the rising funeral costs. Our prices start from just £2,075 making us one of the UK’s most-affordable and cost-effective providers of funeral plans. Plus, we offer a choice of flexible payment options. You can pay as a lump sum, pay interest free over one or two years, or spread the cost over a term of up to ten years. Whichever option you choose, you lock in the price of the funeral director’s fees and services forever. Competitive Funeral Plans We have taken great care to ensure that our pre-paid funeral plans remain competitive. Compare our 4 different funeral plan types to see which is most suited to you and then compare our plans against other market leaders.... read more

No Medical Questions – Automatic Acceptance

Please share...Pre- Paid Funeral Plan Automatic Acceptance regardless of Age, Health or Medial Condition It is understandable and easy to think that ‘insurance’ type medical questions may be required for a pre-paid funeral plan.  It is assuring to know that regardless of any person’s health, medical conditions and age an automatic acceptance is guaranteed. Regardless of anyone’s life expectancy due to any condition, it is never too late to purchase a pre-paid funeral plan. Although a pre-paid funeral plan can be arranged the day before you die, it is our wish that you have many years of life to enjoy.  However, this can raise other issues, such as; the rising cost of funerals in the UK.  A pre-paid funeral plan permits you to purchase the plan (and arrange) at today’s price that will last for a lifetime – guaranteed! Without sounding morbid, if your funeral is expected soon or is hopefully a long way off, then it makes perfect sense to look into arranging a pre-paid funeral plan today.   Request you free brochure for further details and... read more